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North Limburg has a rich offer of delicious hotels. Delightful because of the hospitality, the professionalism and the beautiful surroundings. Spend the night in the middle of a bustling city. Spend the night in the woods. Sleep in a picturesque village. Or wake up in a luxury hotel with breathtaking views over the Meuse... Many hotels offer interesting cultural, Burgundian, nature or experience activities and packages.

Your spot under the North Limburg stars!

Camping North Limburg is a paradise for camping enthusiasts because of its beautiful vast nature and many camping opportunities. Whether you prefer luxury or back to basics, tent, gypsy wagon or caravan, come and sleep in your own spot under the stars!

Enjoy the outdoors

Camping Come and enjoy the outdoors in North Limburg at one of the many campsites. On the banks of the Maas, on Lake Leuker, in the woods, on the heathland, near the city... North Limburg has campsites for water sports fans, those looking for peace and quiet, action seekers, luxury horses and nature lovers.

Noord-Limburg, 1001 vacation homes and bungalows

Vacation home/bungalow With a huge selection of vacation parks and a wide range of private homes, you will always find the vacation home or bungalow you are looking for in North Limburg. Luxury bungalow, group holiday farm, children's bungalow, sauna bungalow ... Thanks to the extensive facilities, the bustling cities and the beautiful countryside, there is much to do and experience. Rest, space and adventure, that's what you'll find in North Limburg!