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Cycling routes

In the North of Limburg, cycling is a pleasure. Because the landscapes alternate quickly and there are few height differences, you can see a lot of the rich landscape. Explore the banks of the river de Maas and cross over with a ferry to Well, Steyl or Arcen. Mountainbike through the woods and heathland near Plasmolen, Groesbeek and Mook, make a cycling tour through the Groote Peel or do a theme cycling tour with a package. Check out our cycling routes.

That's great mountain biking! Push your limits, explore the North of Limburg!


One more time! One more time! Mountain biking in the North of Limburg makes you want more and more because of the challenging nature, the spectacular routes and the beautiful countryside. For example, do the top route around Horst aan Maas, make the round of Overloon-Venray or choose the cross-border route in beautiful Bergen. Push your limits, explore North Limburg!