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National Parks

Want to walk uninterrupted through magnificent nature? Noord-Limburg has three National Parks to cross: National Park De Maasduinen, National Park De Groote Peel and Grenspark Limburg.

National Park The Maasduinen

Is this the Netherlands? Visitors of De Maasduinen National Park often cannot believe it. In this exceptionally varied park of 4,500 hectares, you will find the longest riverbelt in the Netherlands, created over thousands of years at the hands of water, wind and man. Traverse the Maasduinen on foot, on horseback or by bike. Don't want to go home? Stay the night at Droompark Maasduinen!

National Park De Groote Peel

Bird watching in the former peat cutting area. National Park De Groote Peel is a vast, watery and quiet high moor area. Two centuries ago, workers cut peat there, now the high moor is a favourite of hikers and birdwatchers. Marshes, countryside with heather and purple moor, woods and thickets, small and large lakes: hikers enjoy a wealth of landscape types.


A pearl necklace of three beautiful nature reserves. Do you want to enjoy endless nature? Walk the grenslandroute! From the Maasduinen National Park, you can walk all the way to the tip of Zuid-Limburg. In Grenspark Noord-Limburg, you will find three beautiful nature areas: National Park De Maasduinen, National Park de Meinweg and National Landscape Zuid-Limburg.

City parks

Oases of green and culture, in the middle of the city. The city parks of Venlo and Venray are well worth visiting.