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Day trip

Rest, adventure, history, culture, entertainment, wellness ... in Northern Limburg, a 'day away' is a total break! Take the roller coaster at Toverland, visit one of the many castles or estates, go sailing on the Niers in Ottersum or on the Maas in Blitterswijck, climb a war monument in Venlo, go horseback riding on a ranch, jump meters high at Jump XL in Horst... and come home recharged!

There is always something going on here! Discover the attractions and go on an adventure Attractions There is always something going on in North Limburg! Go over the top in the roller coaster, slide down the giant slide, go for a ride in the Tuk Tuk or get on an e-chopper. Discover the beautiful gardens of the Castle Gardens, taste beer or have fun in one of the many playgrounds. Whether it's raining or shining, there are plenty of experiences!